My mission with The Divine Ordinary is to help you tell your story. 
To show that you have lived and loved passionately and fiercely.
 I capture those little details that you want to remember forever, and the moments you want to hold onto and never let go.
My aspiration is to create photographs with soul behind them. 
I am inspired by human connection, and all of the big and subtle ways of showing affection. 
When you book a session with me you can expect a personalized experience that is focused on telling your story, in the most authentic way possible, and in all of its perfectly imperfect beauty. 
I am dedicated to capturing everything from the most extraordinary to the divine ordinary moments of your life’s journey, to be cherished for a lifetime.          

As your photographer
my hope is to give you space
to feel comfortable to be yourself
in front of my lens.
I want to capture your very essence.
I want you to embrace
the chaos, the goofy,
the joy, the messy, whatever it is that
makes up your life as
it is right now.

I started photography because I wanted to capture moments just like these, nothing spectacular or remarkable, just ordinary everyday moments with my children. Because I know someday this is what I'm going to miss the most. The thing I love about photography is you can take something so ordinary and make it beautiful, take the mundane and make it interesting. You can tell a story and make people feel something. I picked up a camera, to have beautiful photos of my children to look back on that I could say “I remember that moment, that feeling, this was our life at that time and it was beautiful and special” I learned to embrace the mess, the less than perfect, and fell in love with the real and the raw that is motherhood. I learned to find the divine in the ordinary. 

just a mama who wanted to take pretty pictures of their babies.

I was first inspired to take up photography because my sister is a photographer and I have always admired her art. After we both became mothers and I saw the beautiful images she would take of her children (and mine when we had the opportunity! She's been quite the world traveler :) I knew I wanted to be able to document my children too, with a better quality than my phone could give me. I was able to buy my first camera off of her when she upgraded her gear and it was instant LOVE. I gave birth to my 5th babe and for the first year and a half of her life I experienced post partum depression for the first time. It was a scary and dark time for me. But I believe sometimes the most beautiful things can grow from the darkest spaces. One thing that gave me a feeling of purpose and happiness outside of motherhood was my new found pursuit of photography. I decided I would focus on learning everything I could about photography, and putting that into action. Learning to be in a photographers mindset was almost like heightening my senses. I noticed light and patterns and textures in a way I never had before. I found that my favorite images always come from the times I pick up my camera with no expectations and it almost becomes an extension of myself, capturing the moments I am living and experiencing. Photography has shown me that living is art. I see and appreciate everything differently now even without a camera in my hand, I see beauty in everything around me.  

photography helped me fall back in love with life.

Photographs are like a return ticket to a moment otherwise


I cannot recommend The Divine Ordinary enough. Symphony is an absolute joy to work with. She photographed the birth of my youngest child, as well as a family session for us, and each time her energy put everyone present at ease and made the experience a dream. She is so skilled at capturing intimate moments, and truly 'sees' the families she works with. I will treasure the photographs she created for my family forever.


I'm just so thrilled to have these memories captured. we brought our bluetooth speaker and just danced and played and shared so many laughs.


We are so grateful for symphony. She is just an amazing photographer, always captures the most beautiful pictures. we dont even have to pose because she just captures the truth through her lens. every picture speaks louder than words and tells a story. 

I love documenting your events! From small weddings and elopements to birthdays to charity events, your next family reunion! I love celebrating with you so if you think I would be a good fit for your event just send me an inquiry. Event rate is currently $200/hr

*I am not currently available to document births, however this is absolutely something I hope to be able to offer in the future!


the extraordinary moments

If you're not ready to commit to a full experience, we can still create some magic together. You'll get me for 1 hour, 1 location. This can be great for a simple maternity shoot for example. Includes 20 digital images, with additional images and prints available for purchase. A simple session is $200

a simple session

just a taste

This is the fully customized documentary experience. Includes a consultation, digital and print products to display in your home, no time restraints. Collections start at $900 

family documentary

the full family documentary experience

packages starting at

family documentary


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flat rate

A Simple session


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